Company Overview

DataVisionDataVision is a corporation which has been specializing in secure access control and surveillance installations nationally for more than twenty five years. It has successfully performed numerous high value projects across the country and Southern Africa with verifiable credentials. DataVision has an underlying philosophy of social development and is proud to have a 125% BEE credit rating.

As a specialised systems integrator, we are helping to protect the public and private business sectors as well as private property by designing, customising, installing and maintaining sophisticated safety and security systems.

25 years of experience in the Security Industry With more than 25 years of experience in the Security Industry and through the strength of our relationships with the worlds leading suppliers and manufacturers of security technology, DataVision is able to give our customers all the training, support and expert advice needed in today’s hi-tech world. Backed by our decades of experience we are able to manufacture our own equipment range with specifications that surpass International Standards, this presents us with the opportunity of providing only the finest product range and services to our clients. It is our commitment to provide the latest in security systems and CCTV equipment that ensures our clients have the best product available to them in order for us as a company to gain market leadership.

DataVision is a security specialist and solution company who have answered the call of commerce and industry by supplying and installing state-of-the-art security systems and management solutions, offering peace of mind through the proactive protection of people and property. A credible, talented BBBEE-aligned team with proper credentials to be able to not only perform, but greatly exceed the expectations of the various parties and stakeholders

integrated CCTV and security maintenanceDataVision offers a complete range of products and services comprising of integrated CCTV and security maintenance, data information technology links and networking, fibre optic solutions and advanced access control solutions including customised biometric solutions, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), transport management solutions and niche consulting and project management services.

We have been providing services to Shell Oil (Pty) Ltd for over 15 years and have developed a sound relationship with Shell Oil (Pty) Ltd over time based on our delivery, quality and reliability of service.

Fleet Management, Logistics, Facilities management, project management and procurement Along with our strategic business partners, our credentials in the Fleet Management, Logistics, Facilities management, project management and procurement (supply chain) areas, as well experience in transport sector services, are impeccable and we have tremendous expertise in servicing large volume clients, having been directly involved in several highly scoped, complex projects nationally. These projects have been innovative as they are beyond conventional security solutions but relate to logistics based solutions portals specifically tailored to client needs and specifications.

DataVision has unique and trusted strategic partnershipsWe are mindful that this sector has been predominantly serviced by large product-oriented suppliers and would like to provide you with comfort that our team has been developed with a view to establishing a long term sustainable entity which truly reflects the demographics of our country. DataVision has unique and trusted strategic partnerships which ensure that we are able to specialise in unique, tailor-made solutions for public and private sector clients.

Our rapid development methodology and quick turnaround projects have placed us in good stead with our clients, which have resulted in the repeat business being awarded to us

Comprehensive solutions – at your fingertips
Our team is fully capable of developing and implementing a practical, CRM based responsive specification. We are used to being provided with a generic output specification by our clients, to which we develop detailed specification and implement these within short time frames. For example, the specification for Johannesburg’s Metropolitan Centre was rolled out within 4 months including design of the model and the solution architecture, policies and procedures and other protocols. We also amended relevant documentation such as fire and safety procedures to improve compliance with OSHACT etc. as an additional value add to our contract.

Our team is fully capable of developing and implementing a practical, CRM based responsive specification. The experience of our team allows for us to present an objective assessment of your needs at strategic, tactical and operational levels. We are not a conventional ‘product supplier’. Our unique approach allows for us to present a service based solution that manages all required activities on an outsourced basis or turnkey solution basis.

DataVision is a proven implementer of reliable solutions.We have now further implemented a retail facility to allow smaller merchants and operators access to more competitively priced solutions. We have also implemented a call centre and helpdesk to assist these merchants with product support and maintenance.

DataVision is a proven implementer of reliable solutions. We are not merely a supplier of generic products. Every solution is specifically engineered for our clients needs and takes account of our Country’s idiosyncrasies and other unique aspects that are not prevalent elsewhere in the world.